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Lord of the Ring Project

Some guy who is made of awesomeness is putting every single character of Lord of the Rings in a giant family tree.

(DeeDee, I think I found you a perfect boyfriend. *grins*)

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My new favorite website is the Library of Congress project called, Chronicling America. I have been going through the 1800 hits (Yes, 1800!) of the name Garst from the Wichita Daily Eagle newspapers from 1830s – 1920s. I’m up to about 700 and the year 1899. And so far, yes, 99% of these articles are about Garsts that I’m related to. You’d think it would take a long time, but really a lot of them are advertisements for their businesses so it’s easy to click to the next one.

You know the “Girl in the Fireplace” episode of Doctor Who? Where the Doctor and Rose are peaking into rooms that all contain Madame de Pompadour in different decades, but it’s all the same day for them. That is how I feel reading these articles. After article 700 I finally got to one that said, “A decade ago in the Wichita Eagle” and it mentioned a concert that my ggg-uncle sang in that I remember reading about earlier and I thought, “That was 10 years ago, it seems like only yesterday!” I’m such a dork.

The one thing about the website that I’ve never come across before is that all the files are .jp2 files. I like the files because they are GINORMOUS…not file size but just length and width size. They are BIG. But I can only open them using photoshop and then I have to crop the little piece of the newspaper page that I want, so it’s really time consuming to mess with them. The website does give you an option to clip a certain section of the image and save it as a regular jpg but the quality isn’t as good so of course I feel like I have to save the whole jp2 image instead.

BUT OMG THE CRAZY STUFF I HAVE FOUND!!! I have to post some of it. So be prepared for lots of weird newspaper articles.

From the 2 December 1898 Wichita Daily Eagle:

Frank Garst is my great great grandfather.
Ash Garst is his brother

Frank sued him because Ash owed him money for some cattle.

2 December 1898

I love what this newspaper thinks is news. I actually keep getting distracted by reading the surrounding articles as well because this newspaper is just full of crazy.

Next up, the article in which one of my ancestors assists in an experiment where they try to make it rain!

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My Daguerreotype Boyfriend This is my new favorite website. Someone is posting old pictures of really cute guys. lol. The tag line for it is: Where early photography meets extreme hotness. Could there be anything better than that?? I just wish they’d hurry up and post more photographs. ❤

We had to delete our Google+ account for breaking their terms of service by not using a proper name and being more than one person. So if you wondered why we vanished, that’s why.

Television show I’ve been watching recently that had a genealogist character: The Almighty Johnsons. Here’s the summary from wikipedia. The show follows a student named Axl Johnson who discovers his family members are reincarnated Norse gods. The only problem is, they don’t have full control of their powers and it is up to Axl (the reincarnation of Odin) to restore them and ensure the family’s survival by finding the reincarnation of Odin’s wife, Frigg. Matters are complicated by the presence of four antagonistic Norse goddesses who are trying to find Frigg before the Johnsons do to prevent the restoration of the gods’ powers.

One of the lady goddesses is a genealogist and that’s how they’re trying to locate the reincarnation of Frigg by doing genealogy research. 🙂 Anybody else know of any TV/movies with a genealogist character?

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So I can’t help plugging this new digital collection at Mississippi State University Libraries because I did the metadata for it, and I’m proud of it! If you have time, do browse the collection and read some of the letters, especially. They’re very interesting and full of genealogy, military, and cultural gold. And you’ll find the occasional fun item in the collection as well. Like this:

Receipt for socks donated to the Confederate Army

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