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Sometimes I wish I could get away with spelling my name a different way depending on what I felt like that particular day. Edward Oglesby (my great great great grandfather) shows up with at least 4 different spellings. I know it happens a lot, but it probably happens more often with people who couldn’t read or write like Edward.

Oglesby 1850 Census

Oglesby is the most correct spelling, at least it’s the one that the rest of his family goes by after Edward’s generation.

Oglesberry 1858 land record

Ogglesbury 1860 census

Then poor Edward went off and joined the 4th Alabama Infantry in the Civil War. He was sick a lot. He had the measles, diarrhea, and something called debilitas (which just means weakness). He fought in a lot of battles that everybody has heard of, and then he died at Gettysburg. In December 1863 months after the battle of Gettysburg, they spelled his name incorrectly one more time. One of the people in charge of removing the bodies from Gettysburg and reburying them was confused as to whether he was from Maine or Alabama and wrote a letter to the Governor of Maine looking for an Edward Oglesbury.

Oglesbury - 1863 letter

So now the big mystery is what happened to his body. I’ve contacted the State Archives of Maine and Alabama and neither of them know. And I’ve used the sources listed on Gettysburg National Park website and he’s not in any of those. My next step is to contact Gettysburg and see if he’s in the Medical/Burial/POW files that they have.

If he does have a headstone somewhere I wonder what spelling they used on that.

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